Our winemaking process is a marriage between honouring tradition and pushing the boundaries.

Each wine is built upon a classically Barossan foundation. The land is tended and grapes treated according to the well-known methods that placed Barossa Valley wines on the vinous map. There is just one pair of hands that touches the wine after the grower has delivered the fruit to us.

But rules are made to be broken. We want our wines to be unique, worldly…well-travelled. So wherever there is tradition, there is innovation. The style and elegance of French and Italian winemaking is a key component in Ben Murray’s method of crafting wines that represent experience, perspective and worldliness.


As much as possible, we embrace a philosophy of minimal intervention in our winemaking process. On the surface, this means we avoid chemicals and non-natural solutions wherever we can. In almost all instances, the only additions made to the wines are minimal sulphur, and fully natural products. On the whole, what it truly means is that just one pair of hands touches the wine, from start to finish.


Daniel “Ben” Eggleton has over 25 Australian vintages under his belt, from large acclaimed companies to his own boutique wineries. He has also completed a vintage in Germany and worked in other areas of the wine industry across the USA and in France.

Dan is focussed on creating wines that taste of their place, that offer value and generosity, and maintain the Barossa Valley’s reputation for premium quality.


Ben Murray wines are made with respect for the natural
environment. Every wine is vegan-friendly, because it just makes sense.

Our newly-developed winery will be totally off-grid and water-sustainable, with tanks catching precious rainwater. Every new vineyard will be run in concert with the natural environment, employing fully sustainable growing practices.

Oenophilia oéno·phil´i·a [noun]
A love [philia] of wine [oinos]. A disciplined devotion to wine.

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